Trail Angels for hikers of the PCT

Trout Lake, Washington is being called the “go to” town on the Pacific Crest Trail for service, supplies and inspiration. What began as one driver transporting one hiker in 2002, blossomed to a crew of twelve drivers serving over 1,500 hikers in 2019. An even greater number of hikers are expected to benefit from the shuttle service this summer.


This town of 600 residents has a deep sense of pride in helping others. To them, the hikers are not wayfaring strangers but inspirational goal-setters from all over the world who have undertaken a challenging trek from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada, or even shorter journeys along the Trail. While the hikers bring a necessary financial boost to the local economy, they also bring a benefit that cannot be measured in dollars by assisting at the store, volunteering at the town rummage sale, or just sharing their friendship. From July – September every year, this rewarding and often life-changing experience impacts hikers and residents alike.


Donations are needed to fund the launch of The Trail, a new documentary web series. Each 3-minute episode features interviews with hikers, drivers, and residents sharing their personal giving stories and the unexpected and immeasurable impact they have on each other. Funding is needed to complete editing episodes for Season 1 and underwrite production costs this summer for Season 2. Each season will feature approximately 20 episodes; Season 1 is scheduled to be released in Summer 2019.



“There are many stories about the physical demands and personal quest of hiking the Trail. This series is unique because it focuses on a sense of giving that is core to Trout Lake and how this spirit embraces everyone who travels through our town. We hope this series serves as an inspiration for any community to embrace the needs of others and experience the same rewards.” – Doug Anderson, Driving Service Director

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