“The Trail” On You Tube – Wednesdays

The first episode of “The Trail” was launched in June, on You Tube!! The theme is to tell the story of what the Trout Lake community is doing to welcome Pacific Crest Trail hikers to our town.  But we are discovering there is another side to this story: Those same hikers, from all over the world, are giving something back to the people that meet them!  A classic story of win-win!!   The plan is to launch a new episode every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. PDT to tell our story in 3 minute chapters.  This is a documentary in the making.  Scott came to Trout Lake in February and interviewed several of the Trout Lakers who are involved in trail angelhood and has been editing this into 15-20 episodes.  A “behind the scenes” bit of information here:  What you see in the film is completely spontaneous, without script, unrehearsed, all “first take”.  Scott approached each participant with something like “Why are you involved in the Trout Lake Trail Angels?” or “What is your favorite Trail Angel story?” and they took it from there.  Have a look/listen to see how well they did—and then tune in every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. to catch the next episode!  Scott will be back in Trout Lake in July to film Part II involving the community of hikers that come here for resupply, refreshment, and rest.

Go to You Tube and search for Jackman Films LLC; open the icon showing two hands shaking; this will take you the 1+ minute promo for his GoFundMe account for the project; (the next step seems to be the key to success!)  You will see a box that says “Subscribe”; click on this box!!! There is no cost involved in doing so!! You may wish to play the short promo while you are here as it really presents the project in a very good way.  Next you will be asked for your internet account email and password. If you do not have an You Tube account yet, create one. Then go back to You Tube; Jackman Films LLC and you should be offered the promo video and Episode #1 to click on and enjoy.  When Episode #2 comes out on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. PDT you will get to it by: YouTube; search Jackman Films LLC; and you will be offered the promo, Episode #1, & Episode #2, etc., etc.  This sounds like “too much work” but it is not as hard as it sounds.

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