MACBT Online Registration

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Online pre-registration prices are lower than Day-of-Tour prices for the loop rides. We strongly encourage online pre-registration. Only Visa/Mastercard, cash or check payment accepted day-of-tour. (Discover and American Express are only available online).

Step One: Choose Your Event, Meal and T-Shirt options and hit “Order Now”
Step Two: Enter Registration Information (next screen)
Step Three: Review Order and Enter Payment Information (final screen)

If you’d like to pre-register yet pay by check or at the door, please choose the “Show other payment options” link below the Order Now button and choose “Pay Offline.” The Order Now button is for credit card payments only. Only one form of payment per registration is available through the online registration software. For example, you can not elect to pay half with a credit card and half with a check. If this is your desire, please submit a separate registration for each form of payment desired.

Note: Online discounted pricing is available through Noon on Friday, June 26, 2020.

(Day of event pricing is $10 more for each route, except the Family Fun Ride which is always $10 per participant.)

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