Trout Lake Community Council

The Trout Lake Community Council it is an elected body through which citizens of Trout Lake can have a voice in developing solutions to local concerns.  The Council supports the Trout Lake Community in securing a sustainable future as envisioned in the Trout Lake Subarea Comprehensive Plan. It  plays an advisory  role to  government agencies, interest groups and individuals.

TLCC meets every first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Trout Lake School.  The public is always welcome.  SUMMER HIATUS IS IN EFFECT; MEETINGS WILL RESUME IN SEPTEMBER.

FAMILY HANDBOOK FOR TROUT LAKE VALLEY EMERGENCIES:  TLCC has set out to develop a family handbook specific to hazards in the Trout Lake Valley.  We would appreciate input from the community.  We would also appreciate your photos or graphics that might improve the look of the handbook.  Please direct comments, suggestions, photos or graphics to   Please respond by June 15, 2018.

Click to review DRAFT v.1.6.6 of the Family Handbook for Trout Lake Valley Emergencies.  Be patient in downloading this pdf as it is fairly large.  This version is for computers and tablets.  See below for cell phone version.

Cell Phone Version (PDF).  This version fits the small screens by narrowing the PDF page.  We know that process makes the formatting a little strange, but it’s all there except that FireWise appendix is nearly useless.  We will fix these flaws in the final version.

The USGS has just released a new report enttled Modeled inundation limits of potential lahars from Mount Adams which describes the potential effect of a lhar on the Trout Lake Valley. They have also issued another new publication about lahars and the risks they pose to downstream communities.  We will put more information here after we read them.