Mt. Adams Resource Stewards

Founded in 2003 Mt. Adams Resource Stewards (MARS) works to support the ecological and economic health of the communities of the Mt. Adams region.

Mission Statement

Mt. Adams Resource Stewards mission is to promote sustainable connections between the land, local economies, and rural communities in the Mt. Adams Region.

Our efforts seek to grow more vibrant rural communities by:

  • Maintaining and creating reliable, living wage jobs and economic opportunity built around our greatest asset – our natural resources;
  • Facilitating and demonstrating land stewardship that supports resilient, functional ecosystems across ownerships;
  • Providing youth with opportunities to engage in local land–based traditions and knowledge while embracing 21st century understanding, the evolving role communities can have in resource management, and awareness of the relevance of rural, resource-based communities to our broader society.

For additional information, contact:

Mt. Adams Resource Stewards PO Box 152 Glenwood, WA 98619 (509)364-4110

or visit