Trout Lake Community

Trout Lake, known for its natural beauty, its warm hospitality, and its many community events, is a beloved stomping ground for locals and visitors alike

Giving Tree Instructions – Recipient


  1. Take an envelope containing 2 cards and 1 tag from the plastic shoe box.
  2. Fill out the cream colored request card with your request.
    • Requesting an item: include size, age, gender, item and when needed. Several examples: (1) Three, long sleeve, pull over tops for 5 year old girl, size 4T, she likes red, purple and pink colors, please wrap by Christmas. (2) A case of diapers, 12 month size or a case of toilet paper, need as soon as possible. (3) Queen size blanket, anytime.
    • Requesting a service: For example: I need someone to rake my leaves now or shovel my driveway when it snows or stack my wood or bring a meal to our family of five sometime this month.
    • Requesting financial help: For example: my family needs a gas or grocery card or a prepaid visa (any amount would help or list the specific amount and date needed)
  3. Fill out the white card so we have a way to notify you when your request is fulfilled. Repeat the specific request with all the details along with a way to contact you. You can use your first name only or initials if you wish.
  4. Insert the cream colored card in an empty tag holder on the tree.
  5. Put the white card and the empty white envelope in the gift wrapped box under the tree.
  6. Take the round key tag with your number on it with you. You will need this to claim your request when you are contacted.
  7. When you are contacted, bring your key tag to the Trout Lake Grocery Store to pick up your fulfilled request.

Giving Tree Instructions – Giver


  1. Take a cream colored card from a card holder hanging on a tree or donate money or gift cards in the jars at Trout Lake Grocery or Little Mountain Hardware.
  2. Fulfill the request noting the specific details and the date needed.
  3. Securely fasten the cream colored card to the item you are donating. If you are offering a service include your contact information and any specific details about what you are offering.
  4. Drop off the cream colored card attached to the item at the Trout Lake Grocery Store during business hours 7:30 am to 7 pm.

We have canceled the Oktoberfest that was to take place in October. We are looking forward to October of 2021.
The Mount Adams Country Bike Tour, originally scheduled for June 27th, 2020, has also been cancelled. We hope to host this event again in June 2021.

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Experience small town warmth and hospitality along with stunning scenery on the forested flanks of beautiful Mt Adams, Wash., only 1.5 hours east of Portland, Oregon.

Volunteers Needed for Bike Tour 6/27

The annual Mt. Adams Country Bike Tour Saturday 6/27/2020 needs volunteers for registration, parking, sag drivers, and final cleanup. All proceeds go to Trout Lake causes. Please respond to <> by 6/01/2020.  See elsewhere on this page for ride details … [Read more …]