Trout Lake Abbey & Mt Adams Zen Center

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Trout Lake Abbey operates a 23 acre certified organic farm and a B&B, and leases gardens, orchards, and some buildings to the Mount Adams Zen Center and the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary group for $1.00 per year.Trout Lake Abbey is located in trout Lake Washington, situated in a highland valley at the base of Mount Adams. We grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, and eggs and have produce for sale throughout the year. Our eggs are all natural Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved brown Eggs. We are state licensed and inspected as egg producers.

Our B&B facility is primarily for spiritual retreat. We encourage guests to attend morning meditation at the Mt. Adams Zen Center or the ADF ceremonies both located on the property. All beds are queen-sized.

The Mount Adams Zen Buddhist Temple is small country temple with both Rinzai & Soto Zen traditions. We have services on Saturday mornings at 9AM plus meditation services most mornings and some evenings. Please check our website for times.

View of Stone Circle from westThe White Mountain Druid Sanctuary Complex currently consists of the Sanctuary, and the Stone Circle. The plan for the future is to add altars and shrines, temples, an ancestor mound, and more gardens to the area, making a druidic temple complex. Our vision for this complex is to use it as a monastic ritual site, though many, if not most, rites would be open to the public. We see us celebrating the High Days on weekends for the public and on the actual day for ourselves.We also see celebrations of the Druid Moon (the sixth night of the New Moon as mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his Natural History), civic holidays, healing rites, magical rites, ecstatic rites, and daily devotional rites. It is part of our dream to see the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary become a place of pilgrimage for Pagans everywhere.


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