Mt. Adams Country Bike Tour – June 29, 2019

The southern slopes of Mt. Adams in June are a bicyclist’s paradise with good roads, exceptional weather, cool temps, easy to challenging rides and unequaled vistas against the glorious snow clad backdrop of magnificent Mt Adams. The Mt. Adams Country Bicycle Tour is the perfect way to enjoy and explore this spectacular sun-drenched area and awesome views with your fellow riders in the fresh mountain air.

The Annual Mt. Adams Country Bike Tour (MACBT) just gets better every year. You can choose from the 11.5 mile Family Fun Ride (Trout Lake Valley), the 51 Mile Loop through Trout Lake, BZ Corner, Glenwood, and back, the 54 Mile Forest Loop (up and down the flanks of Mt Adams) and the combined 105 Mile Infinity Ride (51 + 54 mile loops). Each well-marked ride takes you on quiet country roads through some of the most beautiful countryside around

The rides are fully safety-supported with sag wagons, emergency teams, radio coverage, snacks/rest stops, optional box lunch and post-ride meals. And we’ve lowered the price on the Family Fun Ride so more families can afford to participate, and added more options for meals and T-shirts.

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Mt Adams Country Bicycle Tour is the major fund raising event organized by the non-profit Trout Lake Area Business Association to help support community charity and service groups. Since 2003, we have raised $3000 to $7000 annually to help school programs, area fire departments, the local grange, etc. With your help we hope to do even better this year! For more information please e-mail us.

Mt. Adams Endurance Ride – Jun 15, 2019

Saddle up and ride the glorious trails of the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest and the surrounding timberlands. Everyone’s welcome to participate in the annual Mount Adams Endurance Ride. Held the June 15, 2019, we have events for all levels of trail riders: 12-to-25 mile trail rides for beginner endurance riders to 50-100 mile divisions for the more experienced competitors. Riders could also opt to compete in our 12-or-25 mile Mt. Adams Ride and Tie division where one horse and two rider/runners make a Ride & Tie team.

Ride through the forests above Trout Lake Valley in the shadow of a snow-capped 12,276-foot volcano. Excellent trails and old forest service roads. Good footing, beautiful loops, and views.

Please visit the Endurance Ride website for complete details on the Mount Adams Endurance Ride website.  Also visit our Facebook page.

We look forward to riding with you!

Wild Woman Marathon, 50K and Relay – June 22, 2019

Join us for the annual Wild Woman Trail Marathon, 50K and Relay.! It is a trail run created by and for women. We invite you and your girlfriends to join us for an endorphin filled weekend. Come for the ultra, the marathon, or the relay! Stay for the weekend if you’d like at our Mt. Adams base camp. Bring your tent (or RV) and your friends.

Wild Woman Marathon has all the ingredients for an untamed weekend:
good trails, good food, and great women.

Interested in summer camp?

Interested in summer camp?

contact: Camp Jonah   509-395-2900

Camp Jonah’s Summer Camps are all open for registration on our website: Day Camps are already filling up fast, so if you plan to have your child attend, you might want to register early. $25 Early Bird discount is good until May 1 when you register for an overnight camp

Trout Lake Clinic

We at Trout Lake Clinic are here with a mission to serve local community in and around Trout Lake, Washington. We offer a special model of care known as Direct Primary Care, which you can learn more about on our website. We do not take insurance, but offer a very affordable membership, or cash fee for service acute care option. We also have the added benefit of a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner available to help optimize your health and nutrition.

Feel free to review the materials on our site and call or email us if you have additional questions. You may call to set up a free 15 min. consultation if you would like to discuss whether Trout Lake Clinic may be a good fit for your care!

If you are looking for a health provider in the Trout Lake Valley, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Visit us at


Mt. Adams Country Bike Tour New Management

Emma and Dalton Hance have taken over the organization of the 2019 Mt Adams Bicycle Tour.  Former director Dr. Rick Allen will be mentoring them to assure a smooth transition. Volunteers, please contact Emma and Dalton at  We especially need help repairing road signs.

The bike tour is the Trout Lake Area Business Association’s annual fundraiser for community needs.

Trout Lake PCT Hospitality

Trout Lake continues to provide warm hospitality to chilled and tired Pacific Crest Trail hikers – see the blog from The Ravens family that hiked through late this summer and received some extra special help. Read the The Ravens Family blog

“We have passed through many small towns on our hike and we are always so impressed with the generosity and kindness the residents of the towns have towards the dirty hikers that pass though. Trout Lake is one of those towns….

Check out their other entries to see how it all turned out!

Family Handbook for Trout Lake Emergencies Available

FAMILY HANDBOOK FOR TROUT LAKE VALLEY EMERGENCIES:  TLCC has set out to develop a family handbook specific to hazards in the Trout Lake Valley.  We would appreciate input from the community.  We would also appreciate your photos or graphics that might improve the look of the handbook.  Please direct comments, suggestions, photos or graphics to   Please comment by June 15, 2018.

Click to review DRAFT v.1.6.6 of the Family Handbook for Trout Lake Valley Emergencies.  Be patient in downloading this pdf as it is fairly large.  This version is for computers and tablets.  See below for cell phone version.

Cell Phone Version (PDF).  This version fits the small screens by narrowing the PDF page.  We know that process makes the formatting a little strange, but it’s all there except that FireWise appendix is nearly useless.  We will fix these flaws in the final version.